New Learning Center will encourage collaboration

by Abby Gray, ‘18 and Sophie Yang, ‘19

LC Renovation

This year, changes have already been made in the Learning Center. Future renovations will be aimed toward creating a collaborative space for both staff and students.

When administrators first discussed a renovation around two years ago, they pulled inspiration from other high school and college study centers, including the Ohio Union.

The LC renovation mainly revolves around a plan to divide the LC into two regions. The lower level will be a quiet area for individual productivity and the upper level will be set aside for group projects and other collaborative work.

Although the completion date has been pushed back multiple times, a new approach is underway. Principal Andrew Theado wants to see what students and teachers think of the recent changes before moving forward with exact plans.

“A quarter of the upstairs is already collaborative,” Theado said. “We’re going to find out how people like it and use their feedback.”

Although the renovation doesn’t have any set-in-stone arrangements, it does have one specific goal: to created a shared space where teachers and students work together.

“Universities rely a lot on collaborative spaces,” Theado said. “We want to create a collaborative space for students and staff.”

Assistant principal Luis Vazquez agrees that the Learning Center renovation hopes to increase cooperation.

“We want students up there,” Vazquez said. “We want students to use this space.”

Administrators currently hope to complete the LC updates by mid-August for the 2016-17 school year. Meanwhile, students can look forward to new whiteboards and corkboards in the upper level LC.

by ABBY GRAY, ‘18 and SOPHIE YANG, ‘19