Long time, don’t Zzzzz

By Matthew Shepherd ’19

‘Zoolander 2,” Ben Stiller’s new movie, hit theatres Feb. 12. Unfortunately, Zoolander 2 Star Graphicthe movie paled in comparison to recent comedies such as “Kung Fu Panda 3” and “Inside Out.” Many fans of the original “Zoolander” had been hoping for a movie that was both funny and able to recapture the magic of the first movie. “Zoolander 2” attempted to do this by starting off right after the last film and then jumping into the future where the characters are attempting to “find themselves.”

First of all, the actors were never quite up to the standards of humor set in the original “Zoolander.” Both Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) were a nice blend of funny and dumb, but the characters never progressed throughout sequel. The supporting actors, including Will Ferrell and Penelope Cruz, played their parts well, but they didn’t add much to the movie. And then there were the cameos. With over 50 celebrities making appearances, the audience was never given the time or the chance to laugh at a cameo from an actor they liked.

Putting it kindly, the story in “Zoolander 2” lacked coherence, originality and wit. The plot made even less sense than that of the first movie, and when it tried to move ahead in the story line it seemed forced and confusing. Many of the events left the audience wondering what they had just witnessed, such as when Mugatu (Ferrell) escaped from the “maximum security prison.”

Even though it was the best part of the movie, the comedy in “Zoolander 2” quickly became repetitive and one-dimensional. Many of the jokes were simple attacks on each character’s idiocy. For example, after a harsh insult from his son, Zoolander said, “But that’s not how I think of myself!” This style of jokes became trite after the first 45 minutes.

Overall, this movie earned one star. While it was funny at times, many of the jokes made more people cringe than laugh. Along with the flat comedy, the celebrity cameos were much more about quantity over quality. This sequel was predictable, uninspired and boring.