By Ellise Shafer, ’17

Ellie AuchGerman Exchange Trip: Ellie Auch

Junior Ellie Auch will be traveling to Germany with other UAHS students as part of a foreign exchange program. German students visited Upper Arlington back in Oct., and in June UAHS students will become foreign exchange students themselves.

This trip is especially meaningful to Auch since she is of German descent.

“When I visit Germany, I am hoping to gain a better understanding and appreciation for my own heritage,” Auch said.

Auch is looking forward to seeing her German friends again, although she is also excited to experience German culture and improve her German-speaking skills.

“I think [that going to Germany] will help me to feel more comfortable and confident in my German ability,” Auch said. “But, it also will allow me to feel comfortable traveling to new places and adapting to a new culture.”

JackMchughNaval Academy Camp: Jack McHugh

Sophomore Jack McHugh will spend a week of his summer improving his water polo skills at a camp held by the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

McHugh heard about this intensive program from his upperclassmen teammates and is eager to improve his skills.

“I am most excited about getting time to focus on water polo and improve my technique,” McHugh said. “[Camp members] will be in the water for typically 11 hours each day followed by strength training.”

McHugh is hoping to walk away from this experience with valuable playing skills and game awareness in order to become an even stronger member of UAHS’ Men’s Water Polo team as well as his club team.

McHugh does not have immediate aspirations to pursue the sport of water polo at the Naval Academy or at any college, so during this week he plans to focus on his skills rather than being recruited.

“I’m not actively trying [to be recruited],” McHugh said. “But if the opportunity were to arise I would be interested.”

Nick KahlerAir Force Basic Training: Nick Kahler

Senior Nick Kahler’s summer will be focused on preparing himself for the next phase of his life at the Air Force Academy.

“This summer I’ll be attending Air Force academy basic training,” Kahler said. “The training is eight weeks of physical and mental preparation needed before becoming a cadet at the academy.”

In order to be accepted into the academy, Kahler had to receive a nomination from a senator. He received his appointment in the first week of April.

“Excited would best describe how I feel [about basic training],” Kahler said. “The training will be tough but I just really hope I’ll be prepared and confident enough to succeed in the rest of my military career.”

Although attending basic military training is a drastic lifestyle change for most, Kahler is looking forward to starting his career.

“I’ve always tried to be hardworking and disciplined in everything I do and that’s something the Air Force requires,” Kahler said. “My number one goal is to be a pilot and hopefully that’s what the future has in store for me.”

AudreyExploring Europe: Audrey Jones

Senior Audrey Jones is using her summer break to immerse herself in European culture, specifically the countries of Spain, France, and Italy.

This will entail visiting places that she has never been to such as Barcelona, Spain and the South of France as well as working to master her linguistic abilities in both Spanish and French.

“I speak pretty good Spanish and okay French so I’m hoping to get some use of [my skills] while I’m [in Europe],” Jones said.

In addition, Jones is looking forward to returning to the city of Coruña, Spain, where she studied for a month and a half after her freshman year.

“I’m going to get to see a couple of my friends from [Coruña] again,” Jones said.

Jones is viewing this trip as a stepping stone to what she hopes to make her future career: International Politics.

Most of all, Jones is eager to meet new people and further her independence before her college years.

“[Traveling abroad alone] is such an adventure,” Jones said. “You never know what funny little thing you’ll find to do.”