By Caroline Chidester 17′


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Brassica: This casual eastern Mediterranean-inspired sandwich and salad shop is located at 680 N. High St. It has a “Chipotle-style” system that offers a variety of organic vegetables and anti-biotic free meat. They are open every day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and the easygoing modern atmosphere creates a great space for friends and family.


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Colin’s Coffee: This small, locally-owned coffee shop offers an inexpensive but high quality alternative to chains. They honor craftsmanship and community, and have held open mic nights for UA in the past. It is located at 3714 Riverside Dr., which is just a quick drive from the high school and perfect for a quick morning coffee or a casual spot to do homework.


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Oodles Noodles & Dumpling Bar:  This authentic Asian restaurant serves homemade meals. Located on 443 E. Main St. and 765 Neil Ave., Oodles serves over 150 dishes, ranging from dumplings to curry. The environment is casual and laid-back, and it offers a quiet place for lunch or dinner.


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Buckeye Donuts: This 24-hour diner not only serves 31 types of fresh baked donuts (including their famous buckeye donut), but also coffee, breakfast food and gyros. It has been located on the corner of 18th and High St. on OSU campus since 1969, giving it a classic vibe.