Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 8.17.09 AMDear Readers,

It’s the final time you’ll open an Arlingtonian and see me awkwardly perched on a rock and the final time you’ll read my set of 400-ish words. I’m not entirely sure how many of you actually read the musings of my mind and heed my advice, but it’s been a great honor to write for you all this year.

Alongside Managing Editor Kelly Chian and Copy Editor Ellise Shafer, I have had the opportunity to lead in the creation of a student publication in which I take great pride. Even further, my time writing and editing for Arlingtonian has come to define who I am today.

Journalism has taught me to ask questions, pursue the truth, be meticulous, and most of all, be aware.

At the start of the year, I promised you that Arlingtonian could be a place to keep you informed and keep you engaged.

I think I was able to keep my promise. This year, Arlingtonian has pursued numerous stories on different communal, political and social issues that affect your everyday lives. We’ve strived to show all relevant perspectives and present the objective truth, about issues ranging from the Syrian Civil War to Uber usage to 1-1 technology.

At the start of the year, I also asked something of you all. I asked you to stay aware, to step outside your comfort zones. Throughout the year, I’ve seen students and teachers and the community do exactly that.

Now, I’m not nearly naive or arrogant enough to claim credit for that, but I’m happy to sing praise to it.

This year, I’ve seen students participate in the political process, whether through debating each other or forming clubs or going out to perform their civic duty in casting a ballot. I’ve seen students keeping up with the news and forming their own opinions. I’ve seen students engage in learning on their own time, even winning top awards for their efforts.

Thank you all for being enthusiastic about your passions, and sharing that with the community in whatever way possible. Thank you for showing the world that apathy is not a problem here at UAHS.

I do believe that Arlingtonian is an integral part of student expression in this community, that we explore relevant issues and highlight the student perspective—something that’s good for students, teachers and the administration to see. I’m happy to be leaving this journalistic duty to next year’s Big 3 Editors: Editor-in-Chief Ellise Shafer, Managing Editor Greyson Van Arsdale, and Copy Editor Caroline Chidester. I have no doubt that they’ll continue to carry on Arlingtonian’s tradition of excellence.

Jenny Jiao, ’16