Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 8.33.02 AMFour students compete in state contest on National History Day

By Jenny Jiao, ’16

On April 30, three UAHS sophomores competed in the Ohio History Day State Competition, held at Ohio Wesleyan University. National History Day incorporates year-long research projects on history topics that students choose themselves.

Sophomore Morgan Leff won first place in the essay competition while sophomore Clare Maves came in second. Both qualified to the prestigious national competition in mid-June, where they will compete against 3,000 other students.

Leff wrote about the rapid modernization of Japan during the Meiji Era, while Maves’ essay was about how the 1950s radio created the teenage subculture in America.

Sophomores Cindy Tang and Mimi Cai worked as a team and were first runner-up in the website competition.

Cai said the project was a great learning experience.

“The competition was a great way for us to apply what we learned in english and history classes,” Cai said. “Our project was about the Black Death, and in the four months we have been working on our project, we’ve learned how to conduct research [and] draw a conclusion.”

Cai credits HSLC teacher Sean Martin for their success in the competition.

“We owe the idea to enter into the contest to our HSLC teacher, Mr. Martin,” Cai said. “This was originally just a class research project, but he mentored us throughout the process and encouraged us to enter.”