Another year, another edition of Arlingtonian

letter from the editor

Dear Readers,

Welcome back! I’m sure that not everyone is particularly thrilled to have re-entered the mint green hallways of UAHS. That being said, I hope that this issue of Arlingtonian helps to brighten your first day.

Amidst vacations and (barely) completing our summer reading, the Arlingtonian staff has been working tirelessly to prepare the best publication possible. This has meant making a few changes, one of which is revamping the online side of Arlingtonian. In addition to nine monthly issues, Arlingtonian will publish exclusive online content every two weeks on our website, Be sure to follow our Twitter (@arlingtonians) and Instagram (@uaarlingtonian) to see when these stories will be posted.

In the meantime, you are now holding in your hands the first issue of the 2016-17 edition of Arlingtonian. In the Spotlight story, juniors Abby Gray and Rachael Feinberg discuss the dangers of cutting weight for sports in “Weigh Too Much Pressure.” This topic may be something that you have overlooked, but it happens: in the U.S., in Ohio, in Columbus, and in our school.

Our goal here at Arlingtonian is to make you aware of such occurrences. As Editor in Chief, I hope to make Arlingtonian not only a pleasure to read, but also a valuable source of information. In addition, I encourage you to use Arlingtonian as a gateway to other news sources. This doesn’t have to mean subscribing to physical newspapers or magazines (although I would recommend that, too). For a quick fix, add some reliable news sources to your social media feed: check out The Wall Street Journal via Snapchat Discover, follow Associated Press on Twitter, or download The New York Times app. Especially with the upcoming presidential election, it is more important than ever to keep up with current affairs.

I am so excited to see this year’s events unfold through the lens of Arlingtonian and I encourage you to join us on what is sure to be a wild ride. Managing Editor Caroline Chidester, Copy Editor Greyson Van Arsdale and I take tremendous pride in the work that we do here. Our aim is for you to be able to do the same.

So, let’s make this school year a good one. And, most importantly: Go Bears!
Ellise Shafer

Editor in Chief