By Matthew Shepherd, ’19

For many of the incoming freshmen, high school does not just consist of slowing down the upperclassmen. Some of them feel on top of the world, as if they had just climbed Everest and are now looking at the view. Others are more nervous, feeling as if they are looking at the mountain from the base, and, with a gulp, begin climbing.

One of the freshmen who feel as if they have already traversed the mountain is Calvin Kinateder. Even though between advanced classes and crew his day is completely filled, Kinateder has very few worries for the rest of his first year in high school. Kinateder says, “I have plenty of time to do homework between Crew and school, so I’m not that stressed about it.”

Kinateder also finds the school to be a positive place to learn and grow. As of his first two weeks of high school, he had not found a single negative about the school or the people who attend it. “There’s nothing [about the school] that is not ideal,” said Kinateder.

Some students, on the other hand, are not quite as confident as Kinateder. Freshman Kathryn Diday sometimes feels a bit overwhelmed by everything. Diday says, “Sometimes it’s been kind of stressful to do both [band and soccer]. Sometimes I have to miss soccer for band, and other times I am really tired after school.”

While the climb seems daunting, everyone must start somewhere. Even those who feel like they have made the trek still have a while to go before they are able to conquer the mountain that is high school. All it takes is hard work and determination to make it.