By Ellise Shafer, ’17


Ellise Shafer Photo by Ava Henson

To be completely honest, by the time iOS 10 came out, I was ready for a change. iOS 8 had become a little too comfortable for me, and like the typical American consumer, I was craving something new.

Due to a lack of free space, I was not one of the first people to download iOS 10. Do you know how hard it is to narrow 5,265 pictures down to 2,527? I’ll give you a hint: it’s nearly impossible. But alas, I did it, and was able to begin the installation an exhausting three days after it first came out. By this time, I had heard of the numerous updates that had been made: fun applets added to Messages, new and improved Maps, and a smarter Siri. Needless to say, I was excited to try everything out.

The first new feature I tried out was Messages, which I was pleasantly surprised by. I thought that the new options of moving text bubbles, invisible ink and handwritten messages might get annoying, but I found that they add a lot to the app that make it an overall better experience.

I’m not a huge fan of texting because of the amount of miscommunication that can occur, but I think that these features help to avoid that from happening. In my opinion, they help add emotion to texts going beyond just regular emojis. And, who doesn’t want the option to send or open a message typed in invisible ink? I mean, that’s just so fun.


Apple’s iOS 10 includes various updates to the way in which users interface with their devices. Image courtesy Apple

Maps is also much easier to navigate now, and the fact that Siri can order you an Uber is revolutionary. Oh, and you are finally able to delete all of the apps that Apple used to make you keep even though you never used them like Stocks, Apple Watch, etc. I was very excited about that in particular.

However, the new update came with some downsides as well. I really don’t like how banners pop up on top of your lock screen now, because now I feel like I can’t have my phone laying out in fear that people will see my lock screen and judge me. It also annoys me how whenever you pick up your phone, it immediately lights up. I mean, this is probably not helping our already tech-addicted society! In addition, although the new layout of Photos is much cleaner, one thing that really disappointed me about it was the “People” album. Although it did recognize the faces of some of my friends, it also recognized me as seven different people. And that’s just not necessary.

So, overall, I am happy with the new operating system— but now comes the wait for the iPhone 7, which to be honest, I’m not buying into. I mean, no headphone jack?! I’m not ready for the death of the aux cord, guys.