Interviews Compiled by Matthew Shepherd

Kyle McLaughlin: Hillary Supporter

How will Hillary Clinton help the country?

I feel like she’d be willing to make compromises with Congress and get things done. At the moment, almost nothing is done, because Congress is always arguing. She would be able to put a stop to that, and get people agreeing.

What are some of her policies you support?

I support her stance on education and civil rights, like how state governments sometimes try to take away rights from people, such as the wage gap.

How will Hillary change the country?

I feel like she isn’t going to drag us into a war like Donald Trump might. She might set better guidelines for Congress, increase government funding for education and tax the rich more, so that they pay their fair share. I kind of feel like she’s taken influence from some of Bernie Sanders’ better ideas.

What makes Hillary Clinton more appealing than any other candidate?

I’m not so sure about the third party candidates, but I don’t think that Trump would be that great a president because he doesn’t have any self control. Hillary would be more in control of herself, in regards to things like nuclear weapons.

Last of all: Why is Hillary Clinton better choice than the other candidates?

Hillary Clinton is the best candidate because she would act in the interest of the people and try to make peace with foreign countries. Donald Trump, on the other hand, would only antagonize them.

Sadie Perry: Stein Supporter

How will Jill Stein help the country?

She wants to increase what the government does for the people. She also wants to increase taxes for the top one percent, who pay almost nothing compared to the rest of the 99 percent. Overall, she wants to make sure that everyone pays their fair share.

What are some of her policies that you support?

Her plan to increase taxes for the ultra-rich, her stance on abortion rights for women, and generally how she cares for the average person. I can tell that she is not looking out for just herself , but the citizens of this country as a whole. She supports a women’s right to choose, which is very important.

How will Stein change the country?

She could change ObamaCare so that it impacts the working class in a more positive way. She would also defund the military some, because we already spend too much on policing the world which doesn’t want to be policed.

What makes Jill Stein more appealing than any other candidate?

Trump is very derogatory, he is the definition of a bad person. Hillary is a liar, a cheat and has horrendous morals.

Last of all: Why is Jill Stein a better choice than the other candidates?

She is better than the others because the other candidates don’t have good morals, and both want to just help the ultra-rich. The Democrats used to be for the average person, but now they are just for the top one percent. Jill isn’t a one-percenter, so she stands with the average person.

James Russell: Trump Supporter

How will Donald Trump help the country?

Trump will use his knowledge of business to run the country as a corporation. This could help to revitalize the economy and put the country in a position to start to get out of the deficit and the debt.

What are some of his policies that you support?

His ideas of a simplified tax plan and idea of cutting business tax to 15% are appealling because they would put more money into the economy. I also believe the vetting of immigrants from war-torn nations is a good idea for national security.

How will Trump change the country?

For one, Trump would make the country much more isolationist. Also, depending on if he gets elected and how accurately he follows his proposed plans, he could elevate America back into a position of power amongst the rest of the world.

What makes Donald Trump more appealing than any other candidate?

The fact that he is not a career politician is appealing on multiple fronts. He can apply his knowledge of business to make the economy run better and he is not involved in the antics of politics. Also, I like his willingness to speak his mind.

Last of all: Why is Donald Trump a better choice than the other candidates?

Honestly, I’d prefer someone else, but we are basically stuck in a two party race. If you look at the negative aspects, Hillary has had problems that could damage the country. I see the negatives of Trump mainly as flaws in character, but his problems would not have a negative consequence on the country.