Columnist shares insight on recent controversy

By McDaniel Hartranft, 17′

What is color? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet? All those colors that make up the nature around us, man-made objects in our hands and the brush strokes on a canvas.
Color can be summed up as an object producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way that object reflects light. At some point, all color is the same. What makes it different is how it reflects when exposed to light and how the eye perceives it. As humans, we reflect color — the natural tone of our skin. When did one’s eye see the different sensation of the color black and define it as a negative?

Red, white and blue. On June 14, 1777 these colors were sewn together, creating a symbol of a new nation. Red represents hardiness and valor, white was included to symbolize purity and innocence and blue stands for justice, vigilance and perseverance. These are three colors that do not favor black or white.
Under these three colors we live in an incredible country. This is a country where the first amendment was established so that people like myself and Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers quarterback, can speak freely. My differences with Kaepernick have nothing to do with black and white, but instead with choice in action.

He chooses to sit and dishonor the colors red, white and blue while I choose to stand. It may seem like he is making more of a political statement by going against the grain, but in a country that isn’t perfect, sitting isn’t going to do anything. If Kaepernick wants justice, peace and equality then he should’ve painted his stresses of oppression by using his platform in an attempt to unite the hurting people of our country, not divide them. Sitting on a football field during the country’s anthem divides the the red, white and blue instead of painting them together.

Our country as a whole is not to blame. Humanity is to blame, for failing to treat each person equally to ourselves. We live in a world of pointing fingers, and the next thing we know the fingers being pointed are actual guns, and a split-second decision becomes a face plastered on a yardstick being paraded around for justice. The people of United States must be the change under the flag, and see everyone’s colors as simply beautiful sensations to the eye.