Change will not come unless we step up

Dear Readers,

For me, the end of fall and the start of second quarter has always been a time of reflection. Which classes do I need to try harder in? What can I change about my surroundings to make life easier? What habits do I need to form? What can be improved?

This year, I have the feeling that I’m not the only one reflecting or looking for improvement. In fact, in light of recent events, I think the entirety of Upper Arlington High School is in that same state of mind.

I was fortunate enough to attend a Design Thinking Workshop with 27 students and 16 teachers at the end of October. Led by Daniel Paccione, the IB Coordinator and Director of Global Studies at EF Academy, we spent the day learning a new way to go about problem-solving. We first exercised this process by brainstorming gift-giving ideas for our partners, and then toward the end of the day we transferred our knowledge onto the topic of improving UAHS. It was almost unanimously agreed that what most needed to be worked on was bringing joy back into the classroom. Together, students and staff came up with amazing and innovative ideas with the intent of implementing them in the near future.

This workshop got me thinking. Although sometimes it may not seem like it, we do attend a high school where our voices are heard. That being said, if there is a problem that you would like to address, speak up. Chances are, there are others who feel the exact same way that you do and would be willing to help you achieve the change that you are trying to create.

Along those same lines, sophomores Dylan Carlson Sirvent and Sophie Yang take on the topic of school safety in this issue’s Spotlight story: “” (p.10). We are aware of your concerns, and through this article, your voices are being heard.

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Ellise Shafer

Editor in Chief