Photo by Sarah Martin

Mozart’s Bakery and piano cafe: This beautiful cafe located on N. High St. was heard from the streets. Piano music is frequently played by local pianists and adds a special touch to the cafe. With a fancy reputation and appearance, Mozart’s serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and most famously: pastries. It offers a calm dining experience for the entire family, a date, or studying. You can enjoy this cafe Tuesday through Saturday 8am to 10pm and on Sunday 8am to 6pm.

Photo by Ava Henson

Palle: This cute, modern restaurant is located on 5th Ave. It sells different kinds of meatballs with side dishes, and has both meat and vegan options. Palle is open from 4pm to 12am Monday through Thursday and 3pm to 1am on Friday and Saturday. Palle will give you a one-of-a-kind dining experience, with a different menu style and selecive type of food. Palle’s setting is a perfect place for large groups to have a birthday dinner, hang out, or to have a family get-together. No matter the situation, you can rely on Palle .

Photo by Ava Henson

Adriatico’s: An OSU campus favorite, this pizza place located on West 11th Ave. looks exactly like an adorable cottage from Italy. They serve giant pizzas for your OSU tailgate party, or any other special occasion. You can dine in or order it to go. Adriatico’s serves their pizzas 11am to 1:30 am Monday through Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11am to 2:30 am and on Sunday with hours from 11am to midnight. If you suddenly have a craving for pizza in the middle of the night, Adriatico’s is the place for you.

Photo by Charlotte Janes

Haiku Poetic Food and Art: Located on N. High St., this small, elegant restaurant serves unique Japanese dishes varying from sushi to salad, which is pictured above. Inside, there is a unique touch of poetry and local art. There are even pieces of paper at each table which allow you to write your own haiku to hang on a wall. Haiku is open from 11am to 11pm Monday through Thursday and on Friday and Saturday from 11am to midnight. If you’re looking for a small or large meal, Haiku will provide it for you and anyone accompaning you.