Photo courtesy Lilly Carine

Girls Golf

The girls golf team entered the state championship tournament focused with a drive to win. Their first round was cancelled due to poor weather, meaning the girls could only play for the second day. However Sophie Hemleben, Emily Hummer, Ally Rardon, Riley Carpenter and Maddie Frank pulled through with final scores of 78, 79, 83, 85 and 96 respectively. Overall, the UA girls golf bears came home with a fourth place score of 325.

Photo courtesy Kirsten Barrett

Girls Water Polo

The girls water polo bears approached this year’s state championship with spirits soaring high. They won all three of their games against Princeton High School, Thomas Worthington, and Napoleon with respective scores of 15-5, 18-1, and 11-3. The team was not disappointed leaving with a total of 44 points scored over the span of the three games. Senior Katie Trace said that none of her team members plan on playing at the collegiate level as of right now so she’s grateful to end her career among such great athletes. This is the third consecutive state championship win.

Photo courtesy Carolyn Weeks

Girl’s Tennis

The girls tennis team went into the state championships ready to make a racket. Senior Ashley Weeks said she’d been working hard alongside her coaches and partner Masha Manilchuk to prepare for the matches at the state tournament. They trained for a long time and were both awestruck at the opportunity to be playing on the professional courts. Both Ashley and Masha along with Evelyn Holman and Nichole Holman came home from the tournament as proud district doubles champions.