Hockey players and captains share their team spirit plans followed by teacher’s No Shave November experiences

By George Kankia

A dime has 118 ridges around the edge. A dragonfly has a lifespan of 24 hours. On average, a man spends about five months of his life shaving. I present No Shave November. Men now have an excuse to not shave for one month of the year. Imagine how long some people spend at a barber shop. Scheduling appointments…waiting in line…getting the hair cut. Hair related practises are becoming more common at UAHS in Men’s Sports and during No Shave November. Guys are enjoying the fact that they are able to grow beards and show them off. Cutting down on shaving has saved people time and has been a great excuse to be lazy in the month of November. Men’s sports teams are committing themselves to crazy hair ideas such as waiting until playoffs to cut the hair and dyeing hair crazy colors.

James Baugh is the Senior Captain of the Hockey Team at UA. He achieves all A’s in school and is a superb Hockey player. His parents have high expectations for his future and only want the best for their child. This leaves James with little time for hanging out with friends and attending the much anticipated parties that happen on the weekends. He has a fun and wild side to his personality but he is rarely able to show it. How can he connect his

wild side and his parent’s expectations? The hockey team has done some fun team spirit before. “We did stuff like that my freshman year. We shaved the head of the youngest player after winning district title.“ says Baugh “ it was a good idea back then but it might not work this year because we are not nearly as good as a team. I was thinking about that and ill probably talk to the other captain and come up with something along that line.” This would help show his team spirit and his fun side. Teams in the past have dyed their hair crazy colors or shaved parts of their heads. They even grow out all the hair on their faces and heads before being knocked out of the playoff competition.

Jed Gerlach is a Junior on the UA Varsity Hockey team. He started his sports career in Hockey with the Sporting United but has been able to find time for Club soccer with Crew Academy and Rugby after ending football with the UA. Jed cant shave his head for Hockey or dye is red because he’s on other teams and his girlfriend wouldn’t respond well to Jed’s new look. “In this case I would have to agree with Molly (Jed’s girlfriend), we wouldn’t want him going around with dyed hair during the holiday season. It would also be difficult because Jed in an altar boy at church and he wouldn’t be able to go to church like that.” Jed and his parents think that the team spirit idea isn’t bad but it wouldn’t work out for Jed.

Another aspect of winter and hair related practises would be No Shave November. “No Shave November” says Mr. Tweddle “is only fun when you see other people who really have big beards. For me its just another month because I don’t shave until my beard is over an inch long. I think I look fine either way so i just shave off my beard after 3 months and start over” No Shave November can be an excuse to be lazy for men but not if you can be lazy whenever you want, like Mr. Tweddle. People have to worry about work or school and girlfriends but not Mr. Tweddle. He lives a fun life without these restriction.

Cutting down shaving and hair cut time has helped American men live a month without constant nagging from the people around them. Life can be hard sometimes but not in November. Grow your beards as long as you want for nobody can tell you to shave.