The frigid weather and the season of winter means one thing: hot beverages and delicious pastries. While consumers often visit big brand coffee shops such as Starbucks and Crimson Cup, urban cafes have become more popular due to their uniqueness and of course, the delicious cuisine being served.

Fox in the Snow is a bakery and coffee shop which serves rustic-style baked goods and hand-poured drinks out of a renovated mason garage in Columbus’ Italian Village. After opening in the fall of 2014 by owners Jeff Excell and Lauren Culley, Fox in the Snow has taken the city by storm, receiving high praise from magazines such as Columbus Crave and Columbus Monthly.

Fox in the Snow offers a unique variety of pastries, ranging from classic cinnamon rolls to pumpkin cheese muffins. The cinnamon rolls are filled with a delicious cinnamon seasoning, covered all over the top with a sweet icing to really set apart it from your ‘average’ cinnamon roll. The dough is soft, warm and has a unique flavor. While it may seem excessive for being sold at $4, you get much more than what you pay for. The large size of the cinnamon roll is perfect for sharing with multiple people or just savoring it for yourself!

Fox in the Snow also offers an egg sandwich, freshly made for your order. Served only a few minutes afterward, the egg sandwich is to die for. Consisting of a toasty biscuit filled with warm egg, crispy bacon, fresh spinach and a horseradish mustard sauce, it is clear that the ingredients used are fresh. A customer should come starving if they would ever want to finish one of the scrumptious sandwiches.

And an important thing about the urban cafe is that the menu does not exceed $7, making it affordable to receive large amounts of cuisine for a relatively low price.

Steering away from the well-known pastries, Fox in the Snow also offers many beverages, both hot and cold. Served in a large cup, the hot chocolate presentation is quite attractive, having a heart inside the cup created by the cream. On the side is a large, homemade marshmallow which can be easily torn into little pieces to add to the drink. The hot cocoa has a unique, rustic flavor and is served at the perfect temperature. And not to mention, it also comes in a kid size just in case the regular size is too large for the younglings. The hot chocolate is a perfect beverage to warm up with from the freezing temperatures outside.

The coffee — which is hand poured — is all a customer could ask for. One thing that is noticeable about the coffee is its freshness: The coffee possesses a taste as if the beans had just been ground before the drink was made. Whether or not you’re a coffee or hot chocolate lover, you will definitely find a beverage to satisfy your taste buds.

While the pastries and beverages are both well above average, the atmosphere and staff are what really sets apart Fox in the Snow from other cafes. No matter what time it is during the day, a line is usually stretching out of the door. But don’t worry about the long line because the service moves at a fast pace to allow customers to quickly get their food and beverages.

Fun and relaxing music is played in the background while you enjoy your time inside or possibly outside on the back patio. To try to enhance conversation between people, there is purposely no wifi available or outlets to plug in your computer. People conversing and enjoying each other’s company—rather than staring down at their phones—creates a more energized and uplifting vibe to the urban cafe. The staff, which is quite friendly, was more than willing to answer questions and assist the customers while maintaining a smile on their face, a trait that is difficult to find in restaurants.

So if you are in need of a new cafe to visit, especially over Winter Break, Fox in the Snow will guarantee to not make you regret coming. Fox in the Snow is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the weekdays and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the weekends, you should have plenty of time to stop by and have an enjoyable time while enjoying flavorful pastries and beverages. And if you’re still not sure whether or not you would find Fox in the Snow to be satisfying, stop by their website and social media accounts to see all the products they offer and other reviews about the cafe.