By McDaniel Hartranft, ’17

Junior Chris Acock

Junior Tommy Switzer

Junior Chris Acock, known for his knowledge of the term “grit,” and junior Tommy Switzer, known for his longest “yeah boy” being 27 seconds, join forces to assess College Football week 11’s highlight moments.


On Saturday, Nov. 12 #2 Clemson played unranked Pitt and lost 43-42.

T: “My favorite moment of the game was when Pitt’s coach, Pat Narduzzi gave the kicker Chris Blewitt (he didn’t blow it) a little peck on the cheek, told him he [Narduzzi] was there, I love you and don’t mess this up, and he didn’t mess it up.”

C: “That just warms my heart, it was a pretty heart warming moment, I liked seeing Narduzzi getting pretty animated on the sidelines, that was big for me.

T: “Really, when I saw him [Narduzzi] kiss Blewitt on the cheek I knew it was over, he was making the kick.”

C: “Deshaun Watson throwing for 580 yards is something to talk about.”

T: “It definitely is something, but the Clemson defense was just atrocious.”

C: “Pitt defense doesn’t know how to turn their head to look for the ball. If the Pitt quarterback would just turn around and look for the ball then maybe Deshaun Watson doesn’t throw for 500 plus yards.”

T: Yeah, the important thing is that Pitt got the W, which led Ohio State go to number 2, so we will see what happens.”  


Switzer and Acock make predictions on what College Football’s playoffs may look like.

T: “I see a little more mischief and mayhem happening. I think that someone is going to tweak and twerk in there, there are going to be a lot of “yeah boys” and there is going to be a lot of heartbreak and anguish.”

C: “I think it’s going to be an uphill battle for a lot of teams, I’m not ready to eliminate Youngstown State I think that they can sneak their way in there.”

T: “I think whoever is going to get in there is going to have a lot of grit.”

C: “Yes, yes Grit is definitely a word you want to use.”

T: “And I mean captial, all caps.”

C: “G-R-I-T.” You definitely want schools with white receivers they’re definitely getting in because white receivers are GRIT. Also any team that runs the pro offense is definitely gritty.”

T: “I want the playoff committee to completely wipe out records just put that aside, put the teams in a bowl pick randomly then throw that off the table and pick the teams that have the best mascot.”

C: “I want them to put all of the teams on a dartboard and then they will throw darts and whatever team they hit that’s it. So I think that North Dakota State could sneak in there. I think that it’s North Dakota State and Youngstown State in the national championship. Go penguins. I don’t see Ohio State getting in and Alabama is for sure not getting in.”

T: “I think that this is the year for the underdogs you know with Cleveland winning.”

C: “True, and the Cubs!”

T: “Yeah, we don’t have to talk about that. So how about we put the worst four teams in and let them duke it out.”

C: “North Dakota Tech.”

T: “Kansas for sure, Iowa State, Rutgers is pretty terrible and let’s put in… “

C: “Akron, definition of Grit.”

Lamar Jackson

There has been recent hype with Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson. As a 19 year old kid from Pompano Beach, Florida Jackson has taken College Football to a new level.

T: “Action Jackson.”

C: “Action freaking Jackson.”

T: “He’s going to win the Heisman.”

C: “That’s forsharks”

T: “I’m just going to put it out there Jabrill Peppers… overrated.”

C: “Very.”

T: “Very overrated, I mean like okay you can play like 20 positions or whatever but like someone could put me at quarterback that doesn’t make me a quarterback.”

C: “That’s true. You definitely aren’t what I would call a quarterback.”

T: “I’m not the stereotypical quarterback per say for most colleges, I haven’t played football since freshmen year but I wouldn’t doubt a comeback and I wouldn’t downplay the fact that I have not been recruited yet. Lamar Jackson went under the radar like Louisville is good but they aren’t Alabama. I kind of feel that I connect on that level to Lamar Jackson because I am flying way under the radar for college football.”

C: “I am just going to go out on a branch here and say that Tommy Switzer is the white Lamar Jackson, I am going to make the claim right now.”

T: “I could be recruited I am up for recruitment.”

C:”I know that everyone is like that is a ridiculous statement because Tommy is nowhere near as fast…

T: “Or athletic or tall or strong.”

C:  As Lamar Jackson. But, you know what? Tommy Switzer has one thing that Lamar Jackson doesn’t have and that’s GRIT.” And grit is going to be the thing that is going to take you to the National Championship.”

Tommy & Chris:

C: “I think our friendship is built on grit.”

T: “And sexual attraction.”

C: “I think that we are a Sam and Diane honestly, will they are won’t they actually I think that we are more Ross and Rachel. Will they are won’t they both end up together? But we both know we will.”

T: “Maybe.”

C: “Because we both have grit. Now, onto the Buckeyes. Michigan State blowout win, and absolutely win against Michigan.”

T: “Easy money, I’m going to the game first hand.”

C: “First play Jabrill Peppers he just dies, not murdered or anything not an injury just dies.

T: “I just think that after the game people are going to think that he died in one of those conspiracy theories like where they say that Will Smith died… like he didn’t die he’s alive it’s going to be like one of those things because he just did nothing. So people are going to be like “is he dead?” and you’re going to be like “no he just sucks.”

C: “To clarify it’s not going to be one of those true conspiracy theories like how we didn’t land on the moon and how we both know we didn’t land on the moon. We just never landed on the moon so I don’t know why people continually say we landed on the moon. And Jabrill Peppers isn’t going to do anything against OSU.”

Switzer and Acock discuss the funniest gameday signs that they have seen.

Gameday Signs

T: “I’ve been into the South Park season this year I want to make something with member berries I don’t know how I’m going to do it. Good signs, classic signs you know “the Warriors blew the 3-1 lead.” Those are good ones.

C: “Just your classics like “Mom send money.” Anyone hating Mark May is got to be up there.”

T: “Legalize ranch is a good one.”

C: “As a fellow ranch lover I definitely want it legalized it just makes celery have some taste to it.”

T: “I don’t know why it’s illegal I like to put it on my wings.”

C: “But you know what? That’s just the way America works right now.”

T: “Also grittest sign of the year “I like football.”

C: “Just throws the point right out there and it also makes sure that you know that they have grit.”

T: “Black and white just painted on I. Like. Football. Just classic because I could relate to that because I also like football so it hit home.”

C: “So right now according to our medical charts me and Tommy are suspected to have what they call the mega-grit. It’s kind of like we are the supermoon of grit so if anyone saw that supermoon (the moon that we didn’t go to) in the sky then that’s what we are.”

T: “If anyone wants to recruit me via my twitter @sexyboiswitzer no underscore I can play any sport if you give me a free education.”