Winter sports athletes prepare for upcoming season

By Kaitlyn Kincaid ’18 and Matthew Shepard ’18 


Basketball Cheerleader Audrey Bull, ’17

How has the Basketball Cheerleading season been so far?

It’s been great! We have a larger squad than normal but it’s a group of super talented girls. Our first game took place after we’d had only nine practices so we jumped into the season really quickly.

What are your goals for the season?

Have a great season, cheer on the basketball team (hopefully to states), and improve the skills of squad members for the future. Also, we definitely want to up school spirit and make games a well attended and exciting experience for fans!

What is your favorite part about Basketball Cheerleading?

I would say I have two favorite parts one is definitely the friendships that i make with the girls on the squad and just being with my teammates for one. My other favorite part is cheering on the basketball team; I feel really lucky to be connected to such an amazing basketball program.  


Boys Basketball Player Justjustinwitcomb2in Whitcomb, ‘17

How has the Basketball Season been so far?

The season has been going very well so far. We’ve had some tough practices and scrimmaged great competition from around the state. Our team has been a little inconsistent but I think we have the potential to make a big run in the playoffs.

What are your goals for the season?

Our main goal is to win a state championship. We also want to win our conference and have an undefeated record at home.

What is your favorite part about playing basketball and being part of such an amazing program? My favorite part about playing basketball is the friendships that I have developed over the years. My favorite part about playing for a great program is the support from the community.  

grove2Hockey Player Jonathan Grove, ‘17

How has the Hockey Season been so far?

We have only had one tournament so far but we played pretty well against some pretty good teams.

What are your goals for the season?

Our goal for the season is to win districts and keep going at Nationwide.

What is your favorite part about being a captain?

My favorite part about being captain is the leadership it gives me.

What is your favorite part about playing hockey?

I love the pace and how physical it is.

joey2Wrestler Joseph Orlando, ‘19

Why are you excited for wrestling this year?

It’s a promising season, with a lot of freshmen coming in. We don’t have a lot of seniors, but our junior class looked strong last year.

How do you think the team will do this coming season?

I think we’ll do well, we have a lot of good guys coming in and returning from last year.

What makes you love wrestling?

The hard work, how hard it is, and the feeling of winning a match in indescribable in how amazing it feels.

charlottes-nameless2Crew Rower Joey Casto, ‘18

Why are you looking forward to this season of crew?

It’s going to be a lot of hard work, but I’m going to try my best to improve for the spring

What may be the biggest challenge for this season?

I think attendance might be the biggest issue, but even then we have a lot of strong freshmen as well as a strong varsity team.

What do you love about crew?

I like crew because of the feeling you get when you realize that all the hard work you’ve been putting forward has gone into helping your team. I also love the feeling of camaraderie you get from the sport.

sydneyward2Girls Basketball Player Sydney Ward, ‘17

Why are you so excited for this basketball season?

I am excited for it because we graduated a lot of seniors last year, so we have a really young team, so I think we have a lot of potential this year. I think we are going to surprise ourselves and everyone else and be better than we are expecting

What are your expectations for your team this season?

I think we are going to do very well. We always aim to have 16 or 18 wins, and I think we can achieve that.

What makes you love basketball?

The environment and the team, mostly. We have an amazing group of girls with some amazing chemistry between us. Honestly, playing basketball with such an amazing group of people really helps to get through the long winter.