Staff encourages students to consider all options when finding the best college fit

College application season is upon us, and as applications are being written and sent in, sometimes students can feel trapped. We are expected to go to the colleges considered the “norm” for future doctors, teachers, lawyers and business leaders. Many times, our paths are chosen for us by family members or close mentors.

Ivy League schools have high competition, with harsh admissions processes. Others, like OSU, are just too close to home for some of us, or simply too expensive. Few of us take the military route: enlisting, joining the reserves and allowing the government to pay for our education.

What most people don’t always consider is the alternative schooling options. Not all of us feel that college is the right fit for what we want to do.

Luckily, UAHS is stacked with college credit programs, which allow us to explore the world of college and find out where our best fit might be when selecting a college.

Taking AP/IB classes helps us experience the difficulty of college classes, and what is expected after high school.  Although getting caught up in the pressures of taking those classes can cause some to feel trapped, with no way out.

College Credit Plus lets us experience options outside of the “normal college life.” The College Credit Plus program gives us many options which reveal the numerous routes that can be taken other than the most common ones.

Some take full advantage of that opportunity. Whether it’s zoo school, working with iron, or an extra psychology class. It’s not a terrible thing to go to college, get a degree, and live life. In fact, for some, that’s exactly the plan.

For those of us who need to explore other routes in order to find out what it is we want to do, there’s no problem with doing  that instead.

In either case, we encourage you to carefully consider all college options, and to take advantage of the opportunities UAHS offers.