Hamilton the musical has swept the nation, having many tickets sold in an instant and picking up eleven Tony Awards along the way, adding to it’s fame and approval. The Original Broadway Cast Recording of Hamilton was released September 25th, 2015 with 46 songs written and performed by Lin Manuel Miranda (Alexander Hamilton) and other leading cast members such as Phillipa Soo (Elizabeth Hamilton), Leslie Odom Jr (Aaron Burr), Renee Elise Goldsberry (Angelica Schuyler), Christopher Jackson (George Washington), and Daveed Diggs (Layette/Thomas Jefferson).

The opening number, “Alexander Hamilton” introduces the audience to America’s first Secretary of Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, and his childhood in the Caribbean, describing the death of his mother and his luck in being able to come America. There he meets future rival Aaron Burr in the song, “Aaron Burr Sir”, who later fights him in a fatal duel in the song, “The World was Wide Enough”. The viewers learn of Hamilton’s military experience, love life, politics and even scandal as his story unfolds. Not to mention one gets to meet other founding fathers such as Washington in “Right Hand Man” and Jefferson in “What’d I Miss”. One can’t also forget the big election that costed Hamilton his life, “The Election of 1800”.

The show appeals to a large audience with multiple genres such as ballad, dance hall, show tune, R&B and rap. From the simple and sad melody called “Burn” that was about Elizabeth finding out about Hamilton’s affair, to the day Jefferson came back in “What’d I Miss”.

The variety continues if one looks at the cast alone. Instead going with the status quo and having a majority of white people play the founding fathers, there are African-American actors such as David Diggs and Leslie Odom Jr. In addition, Phillipa Soo is half Chinese and Lin-Manuel Miranda is part Puerto-Rican. There are a large group of diverse people telling a story which we can now all admire.

The show gives you life lessons in the palm of your hands. From simple things like telling you not to throw away your shot when you have an opportunity (“My Shot”), making you wonder who will to tell your story in the end (“Who Lives, Who Dies-”), Death, love and life don’t discriminate between those who are evil and good (“Wait For It”). Not only that, but you can learned from America’s flawed patriots and their mistakes through the cabinet battles and how to handle your conflicts with sophistication. It gives someone a new view of oneself and of their ancestors who most see as god-like.

This show has influenced so many people throughout the year since it had been released to the public. Through this music, one can learn their history, and better yet, learn who they truly are and what they have the chance to become.