By Libby Mislan, ’17

Netflix, a movie and television streaming service, is planning on expanding its original content in 2017. Chief Content Officer, Ted Sandros, announced that Netflix is investing in their own original content by developing its 30 scripted tv shows and is in the process of developing 20 new unscripted, or reality, tv shows. This is in attempt to achieve the company’s goal of reaching over 1000 original content hours in 2017. These changes will affect dedicated and casual Netflix bingers alike.

Senior Olivia Schildmeyer, an avid Netflix watcher, said that she enjoys Netflix because of the accessibility to cable television shows that are currently airing, as well as to those that have ended their run.

I enjoy Netflix because I can binge watch shows that have been on TV. They are readily accessible in order, it tracks where I am, and it takes out commercials,” Schildmeyer said. “Netflix allows me to watch shows like Grey’s Anatomy which is 11 seasons and took over 11 years, and I can watch it in a few months”

Schildmeyer said that she would be interested in watching reality shows on Netflix.

Senior Olivia Schildmeyer

I would definitely watch reality shows on Netflix if they are part of my interests,” Schildmeyer said. “I watch a lot of reality shows in general on cable, but I would be interested in Netflix unscripted shows.”

Senior Paige MacNaughton, who is also an avid Netflix user, said that she would watch Netflix reality shows, but not alone.

“I would definitely watch Netflix reality shows but I’d probably watch them with my friends or sisters for a good laugh,” MacNaughton said.

MacNaughton said that along with the unscripted television shows, she thinks that Netflix might make other changes in 2017.

“I think Netflix might up the monthly price a bit, or just add more shows and movies,” MacNaughton said.

Whatever happens in 2017, Netflix users will most likely continue to binge.