By Matthew Shepherd, ’19

Members of the orchestra program will be flying to Hawaii for a week long trip this February. They will be playing for a few of the days, but the trip also acts as a way for the students to explore both the land and the culture of Hawaii. This year, the orchestra was honored by being Ohio’s representative in the Pearl Harbor 75th Commemoration.

Sophomore Michael Ralstin said, “It’s an honor to be able to play for the veterans of Pearl Harbor and World War II. I really feel humbled by this opportunity, as well as the ability to show my respect for those that were lost in both Pearl Harbor and World War II. This trip will present an opportunity for the musicians to learn and grow as well as the ability to honor those who gave so much.”

Those who are not going on the trip expressed worries about the monetary investment or the length of the trip.

Sophomore Alec Hjelle said, “I know it would be fun and all, but I’d rather do other things. Also, it costs a lot just to go, and there are other things I’d rather put that money into.”

These concerns, as well as the stress of making up a week’s worth of school work and other obligations following the trip, lead some to believe the trip isn’t worthwhile.