Students share tips for surviving AP

By Katherine Dominek and Katie Zhao, ’19

It’s almost the end of third quarter, and you’re a freshman. It’s the perfect time to wonder “why did I sign up to take an AP course next year?” and silently freak out. You have no idea what it’s going to be like. This could also be the same for upperclassmen who haven’t taken an advanced course.

Tip One: Take AP classes in subjects that you actually like.

Senior Nicole Holman

It may be too late to heed this warning as scheduling is already over, but many top students warn against taking AP classes in subjects you don’t enjoy. According to the College Board, AP classes are equivalent to college level courses.

“It’s going to be difficult, and it’s going to be time consuming,” senior Nicole Holman said. “There is no blow-off AP course… the class needs to be something you’re interested in and are willing to study a lot [for].”

Junior Minjue Wu

Tip Two: Teachers are here to teach you, not torment you.

While this concept is widely discussed by the student body, remember that teachers are here to educate you. So don’t be afraid to ask for help if you don’t understand the material.

“Ask your teachers for guidance and support,” junior Minjue Wu said. “They are here to help you, not judge your progress.”

Tip Three: Don’t become part of Procrastination Nation.
While procrastination is a common effect of most classes, and we all can confess to procrastinating at least once in our lives (kudos to you if you’ve only procrastinated once), excessive procrastination in an AP course will kill your grade and lead to stress.

Junior Lily Liu

“You kind of have to stay on top of it,” junior Lily Liu said, who swears by time management.

Junior Maggie Morris

If you are a chronic procrastinator, work on letting go of potential distractions.

“Be completely focused during your work time to maximize productivity,” junior Maggie Morris said. It’s best to learn how to be focused sooner rather than later, otherwise it will continue as an unhealthy habit.

Tip Four: A good AP student is curious and loves to learn.
This piece of advice goes almost hand-in-hand with tip one; after all, the classes in which you are truly interested will make you curious and eager to learn. “Be genuinely motivated and excited to challenge yourself beyond what you are taught in the classroom,” Wu said. Even though we’re all struggling to get past the third quarter rut, having an open mind will help you cruise through the rest of the year.