By Olivia Buster ’20

Ohio State University offers plenty of activities for high school students to enjoy during the summer. Ohio State’s STEM camps guarantees a range of experiences, allowing students to visit the campus. Options such as MD camp that grants students a better insight on the rigors of medical school, and the Accounting Careers Awareness Program which permits members to visit business college prep workshops. Ohio State’s camps are based on language, medicine, finance, and more.

Humanities and Cognitive Sciences

Dates: August 7 – 11

Location: The Ohio State University on campus

Requirements: Applications are accepted Feb. 4 – April 10

Open to: Rising 9th graders through rising 12th graders

Organized By: OSU’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences.

Details: A camp focused on the combination of cognitive science and the study of humanities. Cognitive science refers to the study of the mind. Humanities takes philosophy, language, and the arts into perspective to understand what we do as humans. Participants will listen to world-renowned professors at The Ohio State University, and experience learning at a college campus. Through lab work and collaborative research the camp explores how humanity imagines, creates, and transforms the world. 

MD Camp

Dates: June 12 – June 30

Location: OSU College of Medicine, 370 West Ninth Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210

Requirements: $700.00. and Application due March 29

Open to: 11th graders, 12th graders, and newly graduated high school students.

Organized by: Area Health Education Center

Details: The main aim of the camp is to increase the number of physicians who are not represented enough in medicine. MD camp wishes to inspire students to pursue careers in medicine. Participants are challenged intellectually, and gain increased awareness of the special needs of underserved populations.

(SLIYS) Summer Linguistics Institute for Young Scholars

Dates: SLIYS I – Session 1: June 25 — 30,  SLIYS I –  Session 2: July 9 — 14, SLIYS II – July 16 — 21

Location: Ohio State University on campus

Requirements: Two sessions of SLIYS I are available , one session of SLIYS II. Students who have taken SLIYS I can continue learning  language and linguistics in SLIYS II. attenders of SLIYS from earlier years can enroll directly into SLIYS II; students going to do SLIYS I in 2017 have the option to continue to attend SLIYS II in 2017. An application is due May 31.

Open to: High school and pre-college students

Organized by: Department of Linguistics at The Ohio State University

Details: The camp promotes the study of foreign languages. Spanish, Korean, French, Turkish, Chinese, and other languages are included in the program. Participants will explore differences and similarities in languages, and gain a greater appreciation for aspects and language study. Spanish teacher, Karen Ritz shares her thoughts on the camp. “Its a wonderful opportunity for someone who loves languages. Its A different point of view, a different aspect. An analysis of language, instead of using it for communication.”

Accounting Careers Awareness Program

Dates: June 11-16

Location: Ohio State University on Campus

Requirements: Application due March 30 

Open to: All high school students

Organized by: (NABA) National Association of Black Accountants, Ohio Society of CPAs (OSCPA), and Fisher College of Business

Details:  A camp designed for minority high school students. Participants receive a chance to explore a career in accounting, and attend business and college prep workshops. The workshops examine topics of accounting, finance, economics, computer technology, and business management. Towards the end of the camp participants will share a greater appreciation for CPAs and Accountants. Business teacher, Eva Frustaci describes what makes the Accounting Careers Awareness Program standout. A former Fisher alumni, Frustaci is familiar with the program. “The history of it is great, and its free charge. To be able to have that experience, I think that would be wonderful.”