By Sanam Parwani, ’19

It seems like a majority of students jet away as soon as school gets out in March to enjoy their break away from Ohio’s sporadic weather. For students who don’t have that option, spring break stuck in Ohio does not carry the same excitement. However Columbus offers a variety of activities for students whether they are looking to get outside and explore Columbus’s nature or discover the art scene.


Explore Columbus Art Scene

Columbus offers students opportunities to travel without the burden of buying a plane tickets. By spending time at the many art galleries in Columbus, students can discover famous artists and step through history. The Columbus Museum of Art presents a new exhibit, A Dangerous Woman: Subversion and Surrealism in the Art of Honoré Sharrer, including 45 different paintings, and associated sketches and photographs depicting Sharrer’s resistance to the oppressive political and social conventions to women during the Cold War era. The museum also features an outdoor sculpture garden for when Ohio’s dreary weather spell is over.  Students can also grab a bite to eat at the new Schokko Art Café, located directly on the main floor of the museum.


For Shelly Rogers, spring break in Columbus means seeing dance performances around town, when she’s not dancing in them. “I love to watch other people dance because there is always something to learn,” Rogers says. Columbus boasts four theaters for Performing Arts (The Palace, The Ohio, The Southern, The Lincoln). Some upcoming events include Pixar in Concert at The Ohio Theater by the Columbus Symphony and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in concert featuring the symphony playing the score while the the audience will rediscover the magic of the film on the projector.


Explore the outdoors


Junior Shelby Wang’s favorite activity especially when spring time rolls around is taking a visit to the Franklin Park Conservatory. “ I especially love to visit during the butterfly release. I love to watch them fly around the exhibit,” Wang said. The Blooms & Butterflies exhibit starts March 11th and runs through September.