By Matthew Shepherd, ’19

This years Oscars was more eventful than those of recent years, not only for a mistake reminiscent of Steve Harvey during the Miss Universe pageant, but for the amount of unexpected wins. While “La La Land” gathered 4 awards by the end of the night, it did not completely “lay waste” to the evening, as predicted by The Guardian.

One win which surprised, and even angered, some watchers was the award for Makeup and Hairstyling, which was taken home by Suicide Squad, a movie that was a failure with critics and audiences alike.

And of course, another strong showing came from “Moonlight”, winning the awards for Adapted Screenplay, Supporting Actor and, in a shocking twist, Best Picture. This was another unconventional moment for the Oscars, as the wrong card was read, first announcing La La Land as the winner, and redacting that honor soon after.

Overall, this Oscars was a year of both expected results, with obvious choices winning categories such as Emma Stone’s Best Actress and “O.J.: Made in America” winning  Documentary Feature, and unexpected results, such as Moonlight’s award for Best Picture.