By Libby Mislan ’17

Over spring break, while many Upper Arlington students were sun tanning in tropical locations or skiing on the slopes, a group of sixteen students traveled to Saint Andrews, Scotland to complete the second part of the UA-Scotland exchange program.

Senior, Maria Caradonna participated in the Scotland exchange program and despite a major flight cancellation, said that the trip was one to remember.  

“We were supposed to leave the Friday before spring break in the afternoon but when we woke up we had a text from United Airlines that said our connecting flight to Newark was canceled,” Caradonna said.  “After hours on the phone with United, four students and a chaperone left Saturday morning and then the rest of us left Sunday morning. Luckily we were able to stay in Scotland until Tuesday to make up for the lost day.”

While in Scotland, Upper Arlington students were able to spend time with their exchange partners and visit places like the Edinburgh castle.

“We got to visit cities like Dundee and Edinburgh and tour the Edinburgh castle,” Caradonna said. “It was nice to see the cities and the countryside and experience the Scottish history.”

The Upper Arlington students also got to experience something new and exciting when they attended a rugby game between Scotland and Italy.

Upper Arlington student Rachel Johnson poses with a Scottish student at the rugby game

“We went to one of the final games in a big rugby tournament and it was Italy against Scotland,” Caradonna said. “It was really fun because it was the first time most of us had seen a rugby game and because Scotland won.”

Despite all of the unique experiences Caradonna was able to partake in during her time in Scotland, Caradonna said her favorite part of the exchange program was creating lasting bonds with both the Scottish students and her fellow UA students.

“I think our group is really close and that we made really good relationships with everyone,” Caradonna said. “My student and I really want to keep in touch and I know other people are planning on going back [to Scotland] this summer to visit so we’re really trying to stay close as a group.”