How students are improving their grades after a busy third quarter

By Clare Driscoll ’19

With a ‘new year new me’ attitude and a drive for improvement, many students come into third quarter ready to change their grades for the better. But, as Junior Gabe Dehlendorf explains, third quarter tends to more of a struggle to keep grades up.

“Third quarter is so much harder than the others because at the beginning you’re filled with the inspiration for a better semester but then you get so caught up in the harder coursework, extracurriculars, and scheduling for next year that by the end you’re left wondering where you went wrong,” Dehlendorf said.

Many students will be using fourth quarter to improve grades that were lower than normal in third quarter. For students who need a quick fix, The Princeton Review suggests talking to your teachers about extra credit opportunities, starting big projects early, and getting a tutor.

Though a tutor can be very expensive, UAHS has a great opportunity for those who need extra help in a certain subject. Peer tutoring is held in the active learning lab after school on Thursdays to all students in the active learning lab.

Senior Zoe Manoukian, a peer tutor, explains the many benefits of peer tutoring.

“Anyone can come to the meetings and having a tutor allows you to get content explained to you in a new way by someone who has already been through the course. It’s also beneficial for the tutors because it gives you the opportunity to go over content that you may not have reviewed in a while,” Manoukian said.

If you would like to get involved there are fliers around the school with the schoology group and code that will give you all the information about becoming or getting a tutor.