The UA schools network black-list has claimed yet another victim, the ever so popular computer game

As many students have already noticed, Wormax is no longer available while connected to the school wifi. Wormax is an internet based computer game in which you control a worm and attempt to make the worm bigger by collecting points throughout your map, and by killing other worms and collecting the points they leave behind. Some game lobbies can hold as many as 500 players at one time.

At the height of it’s popularity, there could have been roughly 300 students playing Wormax at one time. The reason for the games’ popularity was mainly because of the accessibility it provides students with to play with each other. People could create a game and share the game link with as many people as they would like. There could be hundreds of students playing together at one time.

Sophomore Luke Tzagournis was an avid Wormax player before it was blocked.

“I loved the fact that I could play with my friends on it. Sometimes I played during class but I mostly just played in my free time or in study hall,” Tzagournis said.

Students were initially frustrated when they were blocked from the Wormax website. Freshman Will Lawless explains his distaste for the district’s blocking of Wormax.

“I just don’t understand why they need to block games. We mostly play them in study hall when we have nothing to do. I was pretty annoyed when I saw it was blocked,” Lawless said.

Although Wormax still is blocked to this day, there is still a way for students to play the game.

“All you have to do is download a VPN, turn it on, go to the wormax website, and turn it off once you get to the homepage,” Lawless said.

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that allows one to access sites that have been blocked by the district network. This newly discovered loophole to the school wifi has been the lifeline of Wormax around the UA student body since the game was blocked.

Despite the school district’s’ best efforts, it seems there are still ways to play popular games during school such as Wormax.