Staff Editorial

The end of the last year of high school is a time marked with traditions. These traditions are things that underclassmen look forward to for the entirety of their high school careers and, simultaneously, are moments that seniors try to make last for as long as possible.

Some traditions are formal, like graduation and senior night for sports. Others are informal, like senior tag or graduation parties. Others yet are nonexistent at UAHS but are still considered, like senior pranks or senior skip day. All of these events, while varied, serve a similar purpose, to bring the senior class together.

Formal events like prom and graduation are some of the last times that seniors spend together while they are in high school. Graduation parties are planned months or even years in advance and juniors can be found creating their senior tag teams before their senior year even begins.

Even though Upper Arlington seniors don’t participate in senior skip day or senior pranks, these traditions are still meaningful for students in all grades. For four years they are discussed and debated and, although they usually do not end up happening, they serve as a topic of discussion and a way to connect people that otherwise may not be connected.

Traditions are important. Not only do they mark a time of celebration and reflection, but they allow for seniors to come together for the last time. As graduation looms nearer, these events aren’t times for sadness, but rather for joy.

Use the last month of the school year to celebrate all that has been accomplished because before anybody realizes it, the school year will be over, and the class of 2017 will be marching into the future, ready to start a new chapter in their lives.