Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman was the first good DC Extended Universe movie. For one, it wasn’t trying to be overly-dark, either with the tone of the movie or the literal darkness of the lighting. It also had a relatively comedic tone, good action and an intriguing story. That being said though, it was far from perfect. The confrontation with the big bad wasn’t very original, the CGI was off-putting at times, and a few interesting plot points seemed brushed over. Overall, this movie succeeded at what it wanted to do, and revived my hope in the DCEU. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and comedic superhero movie.

Baby Driver:

Without question, Baby Driver is the best movie I have seen this year, for its genius editing, well shot and beautifully edited scenes and how well the characters are written. One of the most surprising aspects of the movie was the combination of the soundtrack and the editing. Every aspect of each scene, from the closing of car doors, to the action car chases to the firing of guns are choreographed to the beats of the songs. Baby, the protagonist of the film, is a relatable character with a tragic backstory, who the audience feels compelled to root for. The supporting cast, including Kevin Spacey’s Doc and John Ham’s Buddy, are all complex yet terrifying, leading to an unpredictable and intriguing story. The only negative I can think of in this movie is the romance between Baby and Deborah, in that it can feel rushed a majority of the time. Luckily, this point does not subtract from the rest of the movie. For anyone who is able, this film is a must-see.


In comparison to the original Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is lacking. For one, it does not hold the same emotional weight as the original, and it feels like it is trying to drift away from the character development which was a main focus in the original. Volume 2’s comedy also feels forced every so often. some jokes not landing at all. Lastly, the plot was much less intriguing than the first’s, being much more linear and predictable. All of this being said,  the movie on its own was still an entertaining and fun time, perfect for a summer popcorn flick. A majority of the time, the jokes and visual comedy were hilarious. Also, without going into spoilers, this movie had the guts to kill off a major character, something unheard of in most modern Marvel movies. Overall, this movie was enjoyable, and did not feel like a waste of time or money. If you’re looking for a movie that doesn’t require much thinking and is entertaining to watch, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is the movie for you.


After my disappointment with The Amazing Spider-Man one and two, I was dreading that Spider-Man: Homecoming would be just another origin story with the death of Uncle Ben, and that the movie would either try to be too comedic or too realistic. Happily, this movie had almost none of the backstory we’ve seen almost one million times at this point, and it combined reality and comedy very well. That being said, it still suffered from the normal Marvel flaws: a forced connection to the Avengers and other parts of the franchise and unimaginative cinematography leading to a lot of unmoving shots. Overall, though this movie was still great, and I hope that everyone gets a chance to see it.