By Molly Mitchell, ’20

Fusion Foundation, founded on the motto, “because everyone starts somewhere,” works to serve in the charitable end of the annual Fashion Meets Music Festival in downtown Columbus. The foundation has grown since its establishment in 2014 and now has a handful of successful board members that offer guidance in finding jobs, internships and opportunities for students interested in fashion, music and other divisions of the arts. Fusion Foundation is looking to raise funds from individuals who support the music and fashion of emerging artists through ticket sales revenue from the upcoming festival on Aug. 18 and 19.


More than just the typical “dress up in a bohemian outfit for an artsy Instagram picture” festival, FMMF is about giving chances and opportunities to artists who want a career in fashion or music. The price of a ticket covers not only the chance to see Fetty Wap, DNCE or famous fashion designer Michael Drummond from Project Runway, but opens doors for struggling artists in Columbus. The feeling of helping local artists is aberrant— almost as aberrant as seeing Arlo present his new line of menswear while listening to Tegan and Sara live.


Melissa Dickson, director of communications for FMMF, described the festival’s goal in an interview with GlobeNewsWire, “Since the beginning, we have worked to create more unique experiences, deliver stronger music and fashion partnerships and continue to position Columbus as a national hub for fashion, music, food, art and education.”


Columbus is already a prominent fashion city; it is ranked third for the largest hub of fashion designers by the publicity firm DCI, and is quickly becoming a vibrant place to work and live fashion. Columbus’ music scene is also flourishing at a fast pace. Twenty One Pilots has recieved an increased amount attention in the past year and started as a small band in Columbus. The duo’s publicity sprouted from the city’s devoted music fans, much like the support FMMF attempts to gain for local bands featured this year.

Events like the Fashion Meets Music Festival draw crowds of these aspiring artists into our city.  Fusion Foundation is right; we all “start somewhere,” and their mission is helping these beginners fulfill their ambitions.