Two of eight UA schools have experienced maintenance scares

By Ally Melnik, ’18

Within August, there have been two incidents at UA schools where the smell of gas has been present, causing the buildings to be evacuated temporarily.

These recent odors have raised some red flags for the citizens of UA. People are starting to consider the gas lines’ durability at UA schools and if they should be replaced to prevent any other leaks.

This gas trend began on Aug. 11 when the lines at Windermere leaked. Windermere principal Julie Nolan commented on the school’s gas lines.

“The lines were cleared and the old service line was abandoned. Then the gas service line from the street all the way to our building was relocated and completely replaced…it’s a brand new line and [Windermere doesn’t] expect any leaks moving forward,” Nolan said.

On Aug. 23, the high school noticed the smell of gas. The rumor was that it was also the gas lines that had leaked, but assistant principal Jaclyn Angle said otherwise.

“I was in a meeting and Mr. Vasquez came and found me and said ‘I think we smell gasoline’…we were never able to identify exactly where [the smell] was,” Angle said.