The high school building’s failing sound system explains the disapperance of music on Fridays

by Sophie Yang, ’19

In previous years, the UAHS Student Council has broadcasted music in the hallways during Friday class changes. However, near the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, the speaker systems that played the music failed, marking an end to that tradition.

According to assistant principal Luis Vazquez, who oversees the school’s facilities, the speakers cannot be fixed.

“The speaker system is old, and [the school doesn’t] have the parts anymore to replace that, so we [currently] use a different intercom [over the telephone],” Vasquez said. “We’re still able to make announcements and update anything that’s going on in the school, but as far as the speaker system to play music… it’s completely broken.”

Last school year, student council had planned to play different types of music each Friday, inviting students to select tracks from genres like jazz. If a new school is built with a new speaker system, it’s possible that the tradition would continue.