A large majority of colleges will require incoming freshman to have taken either the SAT, the ACT, or both. This means that, in order to increase their chances of getting into a college, high school Juniors and Seniors must perform at their peaks in order to get the best score possible.

In order to ready themselves, students take a variety of practice tests, use outside resource books, and some even seek the assistance of tutors.

Junior Austin Martin has been prepping for these tests which are fast approaching. Martin says, “I have taken a couple PSATs, and I’m scheduling some tutoring classes.”

Unlike a majority of the individual tests students take in their normal classes, some students feel that these tests play a large part in the selection process for universities.

Despite this, some students, such as Martin, try to avoid worrying too much about the effects of these tests. Martin says, “I try not to worry about [the tests] too much, because there is life outside school, and you graduate eventually.”

With enough preparation, such as the aforementioned PSATs and tutoring, students are afforded the resources to succeed while taking standardised tests. This reduces the looming stress of these tests, and helps students to attain better scores than without the assistance.