By Olivia Buster ’20

We’ve witnessed tensions run high at Charlottesville. As we turned to our TV screens, newscasters spoke of violence and racism within our country. Varying views on Confederate memorials act as evidence to how divided America has become, or has always been. One side argues that the memorials are relics that should be kept up for their historical value. The other argues such memorials have always been a symbol of racism, and if our government leaves them up it demonstrates we still haven’t left behind our racist past. Then there are people who support the monuments for reasons only dealing with bigotry. The protests and rallies in our country have made us ask, does America have the ability to become united?

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have brought destruction to southern states. Citizens of the states left their homes and possessions in order to flee the storm, while some decided to stay, witnessing the devastation firsthand. These states are suffering great losses, but the rest of the country is not going to let them suffer alone. Americans from all over are helping with relief efforts. The amount of support that has reached Texas and Florida has answered the previous question. In the aftermath of the hurricanes, Americans put their differences aside to help victims.

With political turmoil heightened by Charlottesville, and havoc brought on by hurricanes Harvey and Irma in the south, the media has been mainly focused on the American people, and rightfully so. However, we cannot forget other countries affected by the hurricanes, and the differences they are overcoming while recovering. As we watch news reports aimed at only the American well being, it’s easy to forget the struggles of other nations.

Our country is not perfect. We have different ideologies, political groups, and viewpoints that causes us Americans to not see eye to eye at all times. Although we have our opposing views, Harvey and Irma have shown that we are able to put them away to work for the common good. No doubtedly others countries have succeeded in doing this as well. We, along with the rest of the world, will have conflicts caused by opposing outlooks. However, we as people have the ability to disregard these outlooks in times when unity is needed.