Program protecting illegal immigrants set to end as the time for a solution ticks away

By Katherine Dominek, ’19

Only a week after the Trump administration announced the withdrawal of DACA, President Trump showed support for “Dreamers,” or minors who arrived in the US illegally.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, is an executive order made by former President Barack Obama in 2012.

Lindsay Walters, a White House spokesperson, told reporters that, “the Trump administration will not be discussing amnesty.”

This comes afters the Trump administration announced that it would be giving Congress six months to pass legislation that would provide a solution before the program was dissolved.

“What the Trump administration will discuss is a responsible path forward in immigration reform that could include legal citizenship over a period of time,” Walters said.

On Sep. 14, Trump tweeted, “Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military?… They have been in our country for many years through no fault of their own…”