By Zach Backiewicz, ’19

For baseball enthusiasts, October means one thing: the beginning of the playoffs and the road to the World Series. This can be a devastating time for fans as their teams might have fallen short of getting into the playoffs or lose in a heartbreaking manner. However, there is also the feelings of euphoria as one’s team could make a strong run to compete for a World Series. This was seen last year when the Chicago Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians in game 7 to win their first World Series since 1907 when Chicago last won it.

This years postseason of baseball and road to the World Series has already been an exciting year after the first round of competition. The Houston Astros defeated the Boston Red Sox in four games to advance to the American Championship Divison series to fight for a spot in the World Series against the New York Yankees, who defeated the Cleveland Indians in the fifth and final game of the series.

For the National League side of the bracket, the Los Angeles Dodgers advanced to their league championship series after defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks in 3 straight games. The Dodgers will either face the Chicago Cubs or the Washington Nationals, in which the teams play the final of the series on Oct. 12.

The American Conference championship series will start on Oct. 13 while the beginning of the National Conference championship series is unknown since the teams have not been decided yet. For this round of the playoffs, instead of being the best out of 5 games, it is the best out of 7 games.

According to CBS Sports, the Los Angeles Dodgers have the best chance of the remaining teams to win the World Series with a 36% chance. The second best team is the Houston Astros who have a 25% chance of winning the World Series.

As the teams continue to fight their way to a World Series in hopes of winning it all, the action and drama will only increase as the stakes are now at their highest point for the teams. The rest of October and into November will be filled with the final games of the MLB season. With 30 teams in the league, the final four would have earned their way into this spot to compete for the ultimate goal.