High schoolers participated in a middle school tradition

By Ally Melnik and Katie Chong, ’18

During the weeks of Sept. 25 and Oct. 2, a handful of juniors and seniors had the opportunity to be counselors at sixth grade camp at Camp Oty’Okwa.

Counselors and sixth graders alike embarked on hikes while they spent three days at the camp in Hocking Hills, Ohio.

While at the camp, there were four hikes that everyone took turns participating in. One of the counselors, senior Gaven Zou, describes the hikes as incredible.

“Not only were [the hikes] a great way to explore nature and exercise, but they were also a fantastic way to teach the sixth graders firsthand,” Zou said.

In addition to the hikes, everyone took part in a version of The Amazing Race that had cabins go against one another to win. Zou thought the camp’s version of  The Amazing Race was a great way to build bonds.

“Communication and teamwork skills were necessary to complete the tasks and the race gave the students an opportunity to improve these life skills,” Zou said.

On the final night of sixth grade camp, each cabin prepared skits to entertain one another, as did the counselors. Zou found the skits to be hilarious.

“The counselors and students were able to communicate to the students in a way that was enjoyable for all,” Zou said.

Sixth grade camp at Camp Oty’Okwa is a tradition that will continue to inspire not only hundreds of sixth graders, but also the high school counselors for many years to come.

“It was incredible to get to know and become amazing friends with not only campers but also counselors in such a short amount of time. We all cared for one another, which in turn made the three days unforgettable,” Zou said.