The Cleveland Indians break baseball records

By: Ally Melnik, ’18

The Cleveland Indians recently made MLB history—the Tribe had a 22 game win streak that ended on Sept. 14 with a 4-3 loss against the Kansas City Royals. This streak sets a new record for the American League, as the regular season comes to a close.

After their three week streak, the Indians are now back-to-back AL Central Division champions, securing a spot in the playoffs. Having the 22 wins in their back pocket and a guaranteed spot in the playoffs begs Tribe fans to ask the pivotal question: will they win the World Series this year?

Indians manager, Terry Francona, spoke to fans about their streak and becoming division champions.

“We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank our fans for the incredible support, not just all season, but especially this last home stand. The passion, the enthusiasm has been incredible,” Francona said.

According to FiveThirtyEight, a statistical analysis website, the Indians have a 27 percent of winning the World Series and will most likely be play the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Tribe pitcher Corey Kluber recently said in an interview that the team has learned from losing last year’s World Series to the Chicago Cubs and hopefully can use it to move forward and win.

“There’s no guarantees, but a few of us have that experience [of playing in a World Series] now, which hopefully we can use not only for ourselves but to help out the guys who weren’t here last year,” Kluber said.