Olivia Buster ’20

A military group known as the Spartan 3000 is the key to South Korea’s plan in over throwing Kim Jong Un and to “destroy key military facilities.” The force was founded before the Korean War to pursue and eliminate communist agitators. When communist conflicts are not active, the Spartan 3000 acts as a rapid response team tackling natural disasters.

The military force mentioned a plan involving “decapitation strikes” in air, water and land. South Korea’s defense minister, Song Young-Moo told lawmakers in Seoul about Spartan 3000 and its intentions to destroy military facilities in North Korea after the North Korean nuclear missile launch Sept. 4. The announcement to the public was an intimidation tactic.

“The best deterrence we can have, next to having our own nukes, is to make Kim Jong Un fear for his life,” said South Korea’s top general Shin Won-sick.

According to defense officials, the unit could carry out cross-border raids with the use of transport planes and retooled helicopters that have the ability to penetrate North Korean boundaries.

North Korea is a large threat to South Koreans . Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is 35 miles from the inter-Korean border where near 70 percent of North Korea’s ground forces are stationed. Seoul is home to half of South Korea’s population, 50 million.