Students and teachers weigh in on innovation at UAHS

On Oct. 11, UAHS held a session in which teachers and administrators met with students, parents and community members to discuss the use of space and time at UAHS. Students were interviewed one-on-one and participated in large-group discussions.

The session follows many other initiatives taken by UAHS to promote innovation and discussion such as the creation of the Active Learning Lab, a print shop and a student help desk.

“The session that we had in the library was just the tipping point, just the start,” said Laura Moore, leader of UAHS’s Research and Design Lab.

The R&D Lab, which has been instrumental behind many of these initiatives, was started in the 2015-16 school year after an anonymous donation from a local family.

“A couple of years ago, there was a donor who came to the UA Education Foundation and said, ‘I want to donate money to support innovation. I want our schools to take risks,’” Moore said.

According to a letter sent to students, the R&D Lab is currently planning a “UA Ideas Day” in February where students will explore interests and “connections to real jobs, real challenges and real opportunities in the world.”