I’d like to highlight an issue that has recently come to light in Arlingtonian. Like most publications, Arlingtonian has been affected by the economic recession. Advertising sales have plummeted due to advertisers understandably cutting back. Inevitably, we have dealt with these problems as best as we can through other fundraising efforts. While the situation is not dire, it is definitely a cause for concern for the staff.

While the picture I paint is distressing I still have hope for the newsmagazine. I encourage any individual, company or business to continue to support our publication. Buying advertisements, making donations or encouraging others to buy subscriptions is one of the few ways you can help our publication stay afloat. If you are interested in any of these options, you may contact us via email at arlingtonians@yahoo.com or by mail at Arlingtonian, 1650 Ridgeview Rd., Upper Arlington, OH, 43221

As an Upper Arlington tradition that dates back to 1937, we have served the student body and community with the latest news at our school. Over the years we have become a fixture as one of the many things that makes UAHS and the Upper Arlington community so special. Our main goal has and always will be to give a voice to all the students. As a community that prides itself in its many traditions, it would be a great loss to lose one as unique as Arlingtonian.

This issue is filled with all types of stories, from technology to fashion to education news, there is surely something for all readers. In particular, the new flex credit system is a hot topic not only for our class discussions, but the entire school administration. It will definitely be interesting for students and teachers alike to see the implementation of the flex credit.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable winter season,

Leah Johnston