by Olivia Buster ’20

On Oct. 12, members from an environmentalist group called Greenpeace broke into the Cattenom Nuclear Power Plant in France and launched a series of fireworks in demonstration of the plant’s vulnerability toward attacks. Members broke through two security barriers and reached the reactor’s nuclear zone. Local police detained eight people from the environmentalist group.

Électricité de France, the company that owns the Cattenom plant, is the first producer of renewable electricity in Europe. EDF boasts a total of 37.6 million users.

Greenpeace is concerned for the safety of storage pools of nuclear power plants that store spent fuel of nuclear reactors. “More nuclear power means more nuclear weapons proliferation, more nuclear-armed states, more potential “dirty bombs” and more targets for terrorists,” reads an article titled “Nuclear Power is Part of the Problem” posted on Greenpeace’s website.EDF assures the their pools don’t put people at risk. “I have no fear for our spent-fuel pools…their walls are not as thin as some people say,” said EDF nuclear fleet chief Dominique Miniere.