alisongilbert ’11 & mariapaskell ‘11

Winter fashion trends bring exciting new wardrobe choices

Ruffle Detailing


Seen on runways around the globe, one of the biggest trends this winter is the use of ruffle detailing. Ruffles provide a warm, romantic look, even during the coldest of winter months. Many designers, such as Jason Wu, Armani and Chloé, have emphasized this trend as a major part of their winter collections.

Ruffles are a nice compliment to any outfit because of their subtly. This trend adds a sense of elegance to any outfit and are perfect for a day or an evening look. The ruffles are extremely unstructured and are perfectly paired with a blazer or boots. Also when worn in neutral colors, this look can be extremely versatile.

The ruffle is also a great trend because a form can be found for any body type. One fashion faux pas to avoid is wearing too much ruffles in one outfit, one piece featuring the design is generally enough. Styles range from dresses to T-shirts but the pieces are always cute and functional. This trend is great for any season, body type and budget.



When celebrities such as Freida Pinto, Emma Roberts and Kerry Washington are all seen wearing a trend, it has to be big. Sparkle and sequin detailing and design is huge for 2010 and can be seen everywhere from haute couture runways to everyday department stores.

Even though sequins are usually worn for special occasions, it is easy to sport them anytime by pairing the flashy piece with something more basic. Sequins can be featured in a variety of ways, such as a simple blazer or an accent piece like a belt. However, it is important to remember that since sequins in themselves are so detailed, jewelry is overkill.

This generally come in silver, gold, and black hues, making it easy to pair them with all colors and styles of clothing. Ranging in formality, the look can either compliment a t-shirt with jeans or compose an entire sequined dress. This trend is extremely easy to access and incorporate into any wardrobe.



Once reserved for stuffy school uniforms, blazers have made a fashionable comeback. After being seen consistently in collections at Fashion Week in New York City, Milan and Paris, the trend has finally appeared in suburbia. Though designers such as Smythe and Balmain began the blazer craze, almost every collection has had some variation of the basic “boyfriend blazer.”

This winter, opt for sharp tailored blazers to provide a clean, uncluttered look, instead of the standard cardigan or trench coat. Pair a blazer with a plain T-shirt, boots and old jeans, and the outfit is school ready. Throw it over a sparkly tank, dark jeans, and pair with black patent heels, and it’s ready for a night out. This trend can also provide a professional appearance without the stuffiness of a typical office pantsuit or skirt ensemble. Due to the structure and timelessness of a blazer, it is a great investment piece and will never go out of style. Also, because they are generally neutral colored, a blazer can be worn year round.

Neon Pop


With winter in Columbus being notoriously gray and dull, a pop of neon color is a great way to add some color to a boring winter wardrobe.

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs is known for his outrageous styles and use of colors in his collections. In his fall/winter 2009 runway show, Jacobs’ showed everything from tights to winter coats in an array of neon hues.

Jane Kelter, Fashion News Director of Teen Vogue Magazine, featured neon colors as one of top twelve trends for the fall and winter season of 2009.

“Designers have dug out the very best from the [80s] like neon brights, bold shoulders, and a tribute to the era’s spunky style queen,” she said.

Neon colors can be incorporated into an outfit as a headband or bracelet, but if a more daring look is desired, try a bright colored dress or jacket. Like sequins, neon colors are a great way to spice up an otherwise boring outfit.

Neon has come and gone, and come again, but this time we can expect it to stay around.