Few can deny the contagiousness and popularity of high school-centric memes. People may instead question why they’re so common Some may attribute memes’ popularity to their’ simple comedic value, excellent distracting powers or occasional shocking qualities, also exist. However, another, even more investigative possible answer proposes itself: memes’ great relatability. For example, students sharing  memes lamenting over their declining grades or utter exhaustion from writing papers late at night can cause other students to pause and think: These are my peers, and we all go through the very same high-school struggles.”

One of  those struggles is working  to be accepted into college  Because many students take such similar paths in chasing college goals, high school can feel like a factory, shaping each individual into the exact same package to ship off to a university in a UPS truck: 5 AP Classes, at least one sport, and some  extracurriculars that look good on the common application. For many students, this packaging process feels confining, even oppressing.

How can students depart from the path chosen by so many of their peers? Students should start by asking themselves the question: “What am I passionate about?” Once they find this basic topic, they can think about all the ways they can exercise their passion. Not too long ago, the passionate, well-known actor, Shia Labeouf,  gave advice that we will now quote which reverberated around the internet and inspired many.

“Some people dream of success while you’re going to wake up and work hard at it. Nothing is impossible,” he said. “You should get to the point where anyone else would quit, and you’re not going to stop there. No, what are you waiting for?”