Each year, the Turkey Trot serves as a gathering place for runners and non-runners alike, allowing for a strengthening of friendships and the forging of new ones. Not only does the Turkey Trot allow for increased social cohesion between friends and non-friends alike, the race provides an opportunity for everyone to burn off a few extra calories before Thanksgiving dinner.

According to ABC news’ article “How Many Calories Americans Will Eat on Thanksgiving”, an average American will consume around 3000 calories during dinner alone. For some, the Turkey Trot offers an easy solution to burn off a few of these excess calories.

Junior Nathan Swords participates in the Trot with his friends each year, both for the thrill of running and for the burning of calories. Swords said “It’s one last ‘hurrah!’ of the cross country season, and it makes me feel less guilty during Thanksgiving dinner.”

The Turkey Trot offers multiple events in order to accommodate both runners and non-runners alike. These events include the 5-mile walk or run and the “Walk-and-Talk” 2 mile event. And, no matter which run people compete in, everyone will head home with both a medal and a free pumpkin pie.

Swords said, “It is just a fun race and it gets a lot of people moving before a large Thanksgiving meal. And you get a free pumpkin pie!”

Even for those without a background in running, the Turkey Trot offers a fun, easy and rewarding method to stay in shape before one of the largest meals of the year.