By Elizabeth Lembach

As temperatures plummet, semester exam season approaches and holiday festivities run rampant, students are likely looking for a perfect place to warm up during the winter season. Fox in the Snow is owned by Lauren Culley and Jeff Excel, and located at 1031 N. Fourth Street in Columbus. The quaint, yet comfortable bakery and coffee shop has cafe style service and can be used as a quiet place to study or a gathering place for friends.

The counters are lined with mouth-watering pastries that resemble desserts in their sugary decadence. A particular favorite is the cinnamon roll($4). With its dense interior, light cinnamon flavor, and a glob of rich frosting slathered on top, it serves as a perfect compliment to the full bodied cold brew coffee($3).

Another popular pastry is the morning bun($4.25). Upon biting into the flaky texture of the muffin-shaped confection, a cache of thick chocolate frosting is revealed, making it a sweet surprise.

Additional pastries include the vanilla cream-filled donut($3.50), whose sugar-encrusted exterior contains a decadent pastry cream similar to that of the morning bun. This donut satisfies those who have a sweet tooth, as it tastes just as sugary as it sounds. However, the strawberry danish($4) could be equally enjoyed, with its strawberry topped vanilla custard, framed by flaky puff pastry.

For lighter fare, guests may want to order the blueberry scone. While not as cloyingly sweet as its fellow pastries, the blueberry scone($3.50) has a moist texture that shrouds a cove of blueberries. This paired with the extremely rich hot chocolate($4) creates a delightful experience for the palette.  

Rather than falling into the trap of being overpoweringly sweet, the hot chocolate focuses more on capturing a deep, chocolate flavor whose warmth is guaranteed to please anyone who wishes to escape the bitter cold. The hot chocolate comes topped with cream swirled in a intricate design, and a house made marshmallow that only adds to the creamy consistency of the drink.   

If a sweet awakening isn’t some cafe-goers style, freshly made egg sandwich are available for purchase along with an eggs benedict pastry.

Fox in the Snow, which is actually a remodeled garage, serves as an ideal spot for those who seek an relaxed aesthetic vibe.  The warm lighting accents the modern, rustic decor. Large windows surrounding the perimeter of the building let in additional lighting.  Greenery is strategically placed around the small dining area and adds a more lively feel.

Before or after purchasing their food, bakery and coffee shop patrons may view the kitchen through a large glass window.  People are able to watch the  food they are about to enjoy being made which adds to the inviting, homey environment.

While customers talk with friends, study, or read, a variety of music ranging from indie-pop to alternative rock plays in the background.  The unique choice of music highlights the originality and comfortable atmosphere of the restaurant.

Depending on the day of the week or time of day, Fox in the Snow’s availability varies. When in need of a quiet cram session before midterms, weekdays are recommended. However, due to limited supply and the bakery and coffee shop’s growing popularity, most of the food runs out before the afternoon. Coffee and beverages are still usually available in the weekday afternoons.

If  customers are in search of an interesting, yet casual place to get together, weekends at Fox in the Snow tend to be better suited to their needs. However, they line for food can become daunting as it sometimes weaves through the dining area and nearly out the door.  This also causes a problem for seating, as the restaurant space is on the small side, so planning where to sit beforehand is crucial. Patrons clamor over one another to be heard in the loud one-room dining area, making studying next to impossible.

Fox in the Snow is an excellent place to hide from the frozen winter landscape of Ohio. Overall, it is a unique approach to a simple concept; a bakery and coffee shop that appeals to all. With phenomenal food, a relaxed atmosphere, and versatile functions, it has a definite allure to UAHS students.