Ohio state lawmakers resign after allegations of sexual misconduct

By Katherine Dominek, ’19

Two Ohio lawmakers have resigned after allegations of inappropriate behavior. State Sen. Clifford Hite resigned Oct. 16 after being accused of sexual harassment.According to Associated Press, a state document states that “Hite had inappropriate conversations and physical contact with a female legislative staff member for two months and repeatedly propositioned her for sex.”

In a statement on Twitter, Hite confirmed having inappropriate conversations and hugs with a staff member. However, he said that there was no further physical contact.

“The combination of my mistake in judgment and my failing health led me to decide to step down, so someone else can represent the good people of my district,” Hite tweeted.

Approximately one month after Hite’s leave, State Rep. Wes Goodman announced his resignation.

Though details of the accusations have not been released to the public, Goodman has apologized for his actions.

The resignations come in the wake of allegations made against multiple men in the public spotlight, including film producer Harvey Weinstein and journalist Matt Lauer.