By Sammy Bonasso, ’20

The Vocal Music Department will perform Anything Goes as this year’s winter musical. 50 to 60 students auditioned in late November, and the cast of around 35 was announced shortly after on December 2.

Assistant vocal music director Amy Leacock said “It’s an old musical, but it’s one of those timeless ones.” She noted the show’s frequent tap dancing and its famous songs, which include “Anything Goes,” “You’re the Top,” and “It’s De-Lovely.”

Leacock also detailed the story, which takes place aboard an ocean liner. Important characters include evangelist nightclub singer Reno Sweeney, gangster Moonface Martin and love interest Hope Harcourt. Leacock summarized the show as how Sweeney, Martin and the love triangle Harcourt is involved in interact on the ship.

The Wizard of Oz achieved great success last year, but under somewhat varied circumstances. For example, vocal music director Eric Kaufman oversaw production, but Oz‘s choreographer Jackie Commissar will direct Anything Goes due to its emphasis on dancing.

In the actual show, no set pieces will enter or leave the stage once the boat is introduced; Leacock noted this as a difference from previous shows. However, similar to last year’s Oz, this year’s production is renting the set and costumes, which will arrive one month before the show.

Anything Goes is more subdued than Oz in fame and the scale of the production. Therefore, how much attention it receives compared to last year’s popular musical remains to be seen.